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The Best time to Plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today.

Like most of us, I would love to go back five years in time with what I know now, especially since I have acquired two different finance licenses since then and can now offer most "average Joe's" many different savings and lending programs that I did not know existed a half decade ago when I was flipping houses.


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If you would like to discuss my generational wealth building savings accounts or a loan program, feel free to browse the other pages of my website. I am happy to discuss any of the wonderful programs with you, but this letter is not meant to be a sales pitch, nor is it intended to be financial advice.


Adult financial freedom isn't just for the mega-rich; and when our neighbors and family members don't take interest in learning, it eventually affects us all as a country.


Humanity has gone from trading chickens on the barter system, to using tulips as a store of value (shout out to the 17th century Dutchmen), to using gold, to using paper notes, and now to digital currency. This is the most exciting and confusing time in the history of mankind using money in a society. And with the government printing so much money during the pandemic, the mighty US dollar might not remain the global currency forever. Learning about new financial programs is for everyone. Let's adapt together.

Saving in 2022 Doesn't Look the Same As It Did in 1992

Planning for Retirement Might Be Easier Than You Think 

There are ways to save for retirement that many of us have not been taught. Many think a 401k or IRA is the only option. 

Wealthy Individuals get the benefit of specialists teaching them programs that will help build wealth while many in the middle class do not get to benefit from the same programs.


If you want to save like the wealthiest, then having your money work for you while still having access to it is important. 

Looking for an Investor Property?

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Jump in the House Haystack and Find One.

Rentals, Flips, and Development Projects.

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