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This is not a real university nor an accredited school of any kind, but it probably should be.

Like most Americans, I grew up in a public school system and was not lucky enough to learn any of the content in these courses growing up.

The strategies and skills in these courses took years of working in the real world, outside of school, to learn and acquire.

The Metropolis University courses are a curation of the various finance and real estate nuggets and knowledge I acquired while working over a decade in finance and real estate. It also took me another 6 months to film, edit and put together. 

I hope that you find great value out of my courses and take massive action to build generational wealth

Learn gameplans to build wealth over decades and maximize your money.

This course is not about making more at your job or in your business, but rather using various tax strategies, loans, and lending programs to acquire assets that grow in value over time and have cashflow.

ALL CURRENT PROGRAMS INCLUDED (except the Metropolis Blueprint) 


The Couch Surfer Challenge is made for those wanting to prepare for purchasing a home.


If you are a 1st time, second chance, or buyer with a unique situation, this course aims to educate any dedicated renter on how to be a homeowner whether it takes months or years.

The INVESTOR ESITION of the Couch Surfer Challenge is made for those wanting to purchase investment property.

There are many different strategies for investors, and we cover the financing for almost every type of property deal from raw land and house flips to large commercial properties and everything in between.  

If you have ever wondered if the wealthiest Amercians bank their money different than the middle class, you are correct.

This course details the accounts and strategies many banks, corporations, and many wealthy indiviuals bank their money, build wealth, and protect their assets doing it.

This course is full of all the loan programs I have found or worked on over a half decade.


When I started investing in real estate five years before getting into finance, many of these loans would have helped me out tremendously. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home or a 100 unit apartment building, this course has valubale content for almost every borrower in the country.   

After working property deals for over a half decade, the real estate market fell flat. I was very frustrated. Those times were not fun.

I did not have enough knowledge in lending to know I had more options other than to just sell the properties in our investment portfolio.

Around the same time in 2017, I got recruited to work in finance and moved to the Bay Area.

This course catalogue covers a broad spectrum of experience levels and deal structures.


It is not recommended to take all of them at the same time.

The largest course in the Metropolis University is the Metropolis Blueprint.

This Master Class level program is not available for the general public yet.

It covers every step along the way from turning a piece of raw land into a neighborhood of rental properties.

After completed, there are startegies that allow the investor to get their capital back, put the debt on long term investor loans, and bank the cash flow in specialized tax advantaged savings accounts. 

Going through a foreclosure is a life changing event for those that have to go through it.

This course covers how to avoid getting foreclosed on and how to minimize the damage and loss.

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