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In 2023, will you regret letting 2022 money strategies pass you by?

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October Top Stories:

1. Five Ways to Prepare for a Recession

2. The affects of a recession on 401k retirement plans

3. Inflation & Purchasing Power

​We have one simple goal in mind: to help you create the best gameplan with the best options to meet your savings and lending goals... and have a client experience so easy that you want to tell your family, friends, and colleagues about it. Home Owners, Future Home Owners, and Real Estate Investors are all welcome.

The needs of a single family home, multi- family rental, and commercial property owners and buyers across the country in the most viable markets and major metropolitan regions of America can all be met with our options, and we hold ourselves to a high standard.

These are the programs we would recommend to our family, friends, and the strategies we choose to utilize for ourselves.

Create a Family Bank for Savings & Retirement.

Earn Tax Exempt Dividends while Saving.

The benefits of creating a Tax Exempt Family Bank and using it as a Retirement Account can be a game changer for your family. 

If you are looking for a strategy or alternative to 401k's and IRA's that avoid the penalties and restrictions, we design specialized savings accounts wrapped in whole life insurance policies. While earning gauranteed dividends, all of life's major expenses can be saved for and paid for with these accounts. These savings accounts are not offered at banks. 

Use savings for Yearly Property or Income Taxes, College Funds, Vehicles, and more.  

The yearly dividends and life long extra beneifts these accounts provide a household can create a legacy that could last decades after you are gone.

Watch the video to learn more on giving your family a financial gameplan with long term structure many households don't know about but could benefit from.  

For many self employed Americans, a business savings account ends up being is their retirement account.

There are options available that will provide you and your family more benefits than a simple savings account at a bank.  

Real Estate Investors & House Flippers

If you are looking for a new project, we continually have new opportunities for investors.


If you need financing for an SFR project, rental house, multi- family portfolio, new home construction, or commercial property development, we offer programs available in the most viable markets and major metropolitan regions of America.

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